Our Story


Tip You’re It! …… Our story part two

What an amazing year we have had!! Since opening in April 2015 we have met some amazing people and have found some amazing products along the way

The obsession remains the same – finding gorgeous kids fashion, furniture and décor that is going to make our children’s personality shine. This was just amped up with the arrival of our gorgeous boy Finn in May 2016.  (Evie may or may not have been excited to be a sister …….)   

In 2014 we could not find any nursery furniture or décor we liked for Evie’s room and thought surely we are not the only ones!? We personally love all the brands we stock at Tip You’re It! and if was amazing for find out our suppliers are just like our customers and ourselves – parents who were looking for something special

While Evie is still loving, headstrong, independent and incredibly funny, her little brother Finn is laid back and cool as a cucumber! Feed , sleep, smile repeat. While Evies room is a kaleidoscope of bright colours to match her craziness, Finn’s room is paired back monochrome making it a perfect chillout space

Finding exciting brands/products and bringing them to the Canberra market was the original goal when we opened Tip You’re It! and the shop has exceeded our expectations.

At Tip You’re It!, the clothing you wish they made in your size, the artwork and soft furnishings could work in any room and REPLICA is still a dirty word!

And if you have hunted down something your family can’t live without ? Just let us know at hey@tipyoureit.com.au or tag us on social media because it might be worth sharing and we are always ready to play tip you’re it!

Trev, Che , Evie & Finn