Pouch Australia

It was many years ago. 2011 in fact. Kate and Kate had been focussed on their families and part time work and were completely overwhelmed by the amount of toys spread through their homes.

As friends, Kate and Kate met at beachside cafe with toddlers in tow. They each had an older child in primary school. AND both were pregnant.

So when one Kate said to the other Kate, “I have an idea and I really need you to make me something like I had as a child,” the other Kate wondered when she would possibly have the time to sew or craft but she was very eager to know more.

But Kate explained about the toy bag she and her brothers had used in the family farm hous
e in country South Australia. She described to the other Kate the denim fabric that was pulled up with coloured string through many eyelets around the edge. Here’s a picture of it.. They were unable to find anything like it to buy in shops or online. So with chaos in their homes and a love for kids and creative play, Kate and Kate started their business journey.

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