Designed in France and hand-made in Nepal using fair-trade practices, each piece is lovingly made to the highest standards. The quality of wool and the high level of workmanship make MUSKHANE products truly luxurious. Unique designs, conceived in harmony and balance, whimsical and authentic.

Since 2002, MUSKHANE draws its inspiration from the artisanal heritage of Nepal, rich in colours and quality materials, to develop its collections in felted wool and cashmere. The traditional methods of working with organic materials are still alive in Kathmandu today. Every piece from MUSKHANE is hand-made. It was here that Valérie learned the artisanal methods of working in felted wool & cashmere, and the aesthetic born of her penchant for pure and clean design coupled with vibrant colour represents the identity of MUSKHANE.

Felt is a 100% natural, low allergen fibre that absorbs air pollutants from the environment (including toxins from plastic toys). Making it the perfect addition to your kids room!

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