Once upon a time there was a new-to-be auntie looking for the perfect gift to give her sister who was about to welcome her first child into the world. This auntie looked far and wide for a present that would help the growth of her future nephew. She wanted this present to be special, she wanted it to be elegant and be something that both the parents and the child enjoyed using. She wanted it to be the kind of quality that would last and be handed down to the child’s future siblings, not shoved in a cupboard or disposed of when the child was grown.

After months of searching, she found nothing…all she discovered was mounds of plastic, plastic and more brightly coloured plastic products that she knew would end up in landfill…. so she stopped…and not only because she had been reminded of how much she didn’t like shopping but because she was disheartened. She remembered all the beautiful children’s toys that her parents had when they were young, that had been kept and cherished for decades…”why doesn’t anyone make toys like that anymore?” she asked herself as she ordered her recovery glass of wine…

“I give up! I’ll just go and buy her a voucher” (note: vouchers are not auntie worthy presents) Until…..

One day this auntie/ Product Design Engineer collaborated with a Behavioural Neuroscientist to develop a meaningful and beautiful product that aids in the developmental learning of newborns. The main goal that drove this team was to restore the quality back into products that had been lost.

To design a product that lasts, a product to keep.

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